The Transform Vision:
A catalyst for change in the countries that need it the most

We establish our Life Centres in the poorest districts – each centre enrolling 100 local children who would otherwise be forced to work the streets by scavenging, begging (or even worse).

We are innovators, disruptors and visionaries – social entrepreneurs, with a passion to see lasting change…but the future of Transform is not about us – it’s about the kids.


Transform provides world class tutoring and learning. We continue to look for innovative ways to use technology and connect children to a globalised learning community. Our goal is to build their capacity to think creatively.

Leadership & Life Skills

Beyond core subjects we instil leadership values, problem solving and entrepreneurial abilities. These are all skills to assist them in being change makers for their nation in whatever capacity they choose.

Health & Welfare

We invest into health, family welfare and overall lifestyle management to ensure that each of our kids and their families have access to the basic necessities required to provide a safe and nurturing home environment for children.

Creative Arts

A strong emphasis on training children in both traditional and modern art forms helps to strengthen confidence, cultural identity and equip them to become powerful communicators in their nation.

The Future

Though we currently work with children, we will provide them with pathways to university, training and employment once they graduate the Transform program. New initiatives will be set up such as micro-business funding, a training institute for graduates, and advanced leadership programs for those who wish to give back and get involved in Transform as adults.

Soon our oldest students will be finishing high school and ready to transition to university, vocational training or employment pathways.

New Transform initiatives are being developed including business incubators, a Transform Institute, advanced leadership programs and scholarships for university study.

We see our graduates excelling in their chosen fields and developing into leaders in the areas that can shape culture.

Meet the leadership team

Mark Patterson

Co-Founder and Chairman

Ken Loughton

Co-Founder and Vice Chairman

Rachel Gregory

Operations Manager

Bob and Sandy Gregory

Education Managers

Therese Joy Harper

Accounts Manager