Lives of unlimited potential

At Transform we seek out and rescue the most vulnerable and neglected street children of Phnom Penh. We rescue and protect them from the many injustices caused by poverty. We educate, clothe and feed them. We restore their dignity and hand them keys to a life of unlimited potential.

Hope for the future

When we give our children hope in their future then we change the course of not only their life but their country. Our children grow up believing that they are blessed and equipped to be the leaders in Cambodia’s future.


Transform started in 2006 after our founders witnessed hundreds of highly vulnerable children scavenging the rubbish tip of Phnom Penh. These children had no access to education and little hope for a better life. In partnership with their parents, our first Life Centre was started to provide 85 of these children with health care, nutrition, education and mentors who would stay with them as they grew. Today we have grown to almost 3,300 children and 33 Life Centres spread right across the city.

We’re a little different

We are a little different. Many charities do a great job rescuing kids from the streets, but that’s never been our goal. We believe these kids are champions. We think they deserve to excel, so we are committed to providing the very best opportunities. That includes accredited tertiary education and internships.