How churches engage Transform

We encourage churches to start with one, and then create a plan to potentially sponsor more centres in the future.

To find out more about partnering with Transform for the future, contact us at the details below and we can work with you on how best to integrate Transform into your church community.

1. We establish a headquarters office in every country

Local nationals staff our HQs and manage the region.

2. We set up local centres for street kids

We build local centres to bring health care, food, mentoring and education

3. Connect with partners

We build relationships with churches, schools, investors and partner organisations to help and assist in a number of different ways.

4. Caring for communities

Each centre has a family network of more than 500 locals. Due to the relationships we develop with these communities, there are many opportunities for Transform partners to get involved in further missions.

We are not a charity.
We are not a mission.

We are a global transformational change movement partnering with churches. Our mandate is to transform countries from the ground up through training its future leaders.

We invite churches to adopt one of our centres and support its children and running costs with us. Beyond that, we invite churches to partner for the long term in the story of Transform as we raise up thousands of street kids who will one day become leaders truly capable of initiating lasting change in their nation.

“What a privilege it’s been for us at Metro Church to partner with Transform Cambodia in three centres (so far) in Phnom Penh! It’s definitely one of the best things we’ve done as a church and the most effective program of its kind I’ve seen in over thirty years of leadership.”

Geoff Woodward, Metro Church

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